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Fliegerführer.b.V., was to support the 10th Army, under the command of Walter von Reichenau. Richthofen did not get the aircraft he wanted for the operation, in particular the Heinkel He 111, and instead was handed old Junkers Ju 52 transports, which delivered bombs by airmen throwing them out of the doors. Richthofen argued commanders needed more tactical and operational freedom, as had Manstein. He did so, and joined Manfred's. Germany surrendered on The hospital was taken over by the American Third Army, and Richthofen became a prisoner of war.

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Manstein praised Richthofen's support, describing his air operations as decisive in the Kerch victory. He was ordered to send one fighter, one dive-bomber and two bomber Gruppen to help contain a Soviet breakthrough in the north, and the developing Second Battle of Kharkov. Jena, Germany: Scherzers Militaer-Verlag. 58 Bergström 2007,. . Hellmuth Volkmann assumed his place, but his pessimistic reports to Berlin, his continued demands for support and resources, and his disagreements with Richthofen meant he was replaced by Richthofen in October 1938, possibly at the request of the Nationalists. 40 By 11 September, the fuel situation was acute, and logistics failed. The raids had barely begun when a major threat developed behind him.


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He intended to operate 120 aircraft from Bulgarian airfields and moved them into place on 1 March. The Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Volume 10,. It was only necessary to abandon operations in the Crimean shipping lanes, not the whole expanse of the Black Sea. 123 Richthofen's Corps had been resting in Germany, rebuilding after the winter battles. The Germans possessed just 487 fighters (200 serviceable) on the entire Eastern Front. escort 69 fr charleville mézières

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